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Koenigsegg is a manufacturer of record-breaking mega and hyper cars, based in Ängelholm, Sweden. We are driven to create ultimate performance technology and experiences. Founded and led by Christian von Koenigsegg, the company is renowned for its world-class engineering and innovation.


We work in a stimulating environment consisting of engineers, production staff, craftsmen and women, business consultants, designers, marketing specialists and many more. We combine technology, design, management and entrepreneurship to create ultimate performance experiences. To us, perfection is a moving target and we always push to do more.

It had been Christian von Koenigsegg’s childhood dream to build supercars and he started the company over 25 years ago from the garage. It has since grown by leaps and bounds but we still manage to keep a family feel at the workplace. We are a diverse company with co-workers from different backgrounds, each motivated and united to achieve the ideal of creating ultimate performance technology and experiences. Like the cars we make– the result of our collaborative team is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

An exciting journey lies ahead where we innovate the future together.


We always strive to hire the best of the best and focus on employee engagement while being transparent throughout the hiring process. Our HR department has a unique view of the company behind it and help place its people in the perfect position that mutually benefit employee and company.

We make sure that we as a company have the right tools to ensure a healthy working environment employee well-being. We play an active role in capturing how our company and the people within is doing. That said, we work closely with managers to assist in the grooming of the staff into a skilled workforce, thus fostering a stimulating and progressive environment.

Koenigsegg is an equal opportunity workplace that promotes individuality and diversity.

Push the boundaries of perfection with us. Join the Koenigsegg family.

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