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Koenigsegg design, develop and hand-build artisan cars with astounding quality and craftsmanship.

We develop and produce everything from carbon fiber chassis to engines, transmission, brake calipers and most of the electronic hardware and software in our cars. All of this is done in-house. Given this, Koenigsegg is the most vertically integrated car producer in the world, regardless of size.

Not only are our cars and components beautiful and well built, but they also offer maximum performance, features and functions - in every aspect. Koenigsegg create technologies that push all boundaries to the limit.

Our philosophy is to avoid compromises and find synergies between contradicting functions in order to reach the highest of goals. From our perspective, nothing is impossible. This open-mindedness and dedication define Koenigsegg and its cars.

We work together as a teams - focused, agile and efficient, constantly striving for excellence in everything we do.

Koenigsegg is a family-owned and founder-operated company. The atmosphere is more akin to family and friends rather than strictly work. We strive to treat everyone equally and we have a high level of acceptance for individualism.

We hope you have an interest in joining our exciting and growing company, and that your profile is what we are looking for.

We would love to hear from you.

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Motorbyggare / Engine builder

Vi söker motorbyggare till vår motoravdelning. Vi söker dig som har ett praktiskt motorintresse, är noggrann och har en hög

Full Time

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    mika_portrait  Marie_portrait  alex_portrait josephine_portrait

This is Mika, Marie, Alex and Josephine. Read a bit about their stories on how they got to where they are at.

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