How long have you been working with Koenigsegg?

 I have worked here almost 3 years.

Where are you from, and how did you end up where you are at in Koenigsegg?

I have lived in Halmstad since 2002. It’s around 55-60km from Ängelholm.

After my education I started work as a consultant doing CAD engineering at another company nearby, in Förslöv. My manager had contact at Koenigsegg so in spring 2014 I had the opportunity to come for an interview at Koenigsegg as a consultant. I started in June and four months later I was a full time employee here.

What do you do at Koenigsegg?

I work as Configuration Lead within our R&D department. My main responsibility is to manage the engineering bill of materials and make sure all the files are in our PLM system.

I also do some work as a CAD engineer, when needed, developing new designs for small parts.

What do you like most about working at Koenigsegg?

Everything, I would say. It’s impossible to get bored here. Every day brings new challenges, each one different to the last. Koenigsegg is an inspiring company, full of motivated people doing things that some companies cannot do, even with 10 times the number of people.

I love working close to production. You get to experience the full life cycle of the car-making process, from design, development and production to delivery and service.