How long have you been working with Koenigsegg?

Since April 2016.

Where are you from, and how did you end up at Koenigsegg?

I grew up in a town called Skanör, about 30km south of Malmö.  It's just over an hour away from Ängelholm.

I finished my schooling at the racing academy attached to Knutstorp race track.  One of my instructors knew that I was keen to try working at Koenigsegg and the school has good connections with the company.  He spoke with one of the production managers and they were able to offer me an internship opportunity.  After a few months, I was offered a position here, working the composites area.

What do you do at Koenigsegg?

I'm employed as a composites technician.  The composites team that I work with make all the carbonfibre parts used in our cars.  

What is the most challenging part of your work?

Each part uses a lot of carbon pieces and the way those pieces are 'laid up' into the mold is crucial.  It can effect both the strength of the part, and the appearance.  Every part is designed to be as strong as it needs to be but as light as it possibly can be.  The part's strength depends on way the individual pieces are put together.  It's important to get that right.  The first layer that you put into the mold is especially important as it's the outer layer - the visible layer.  All the seams have to match perfectly in order to fit in with the visual presentation of the whole car.  

What do you like most about working at Koenigsegg?

The word that springs to mind the most is satisfaction. 

There's a real feeling of camaraderie here.  We are a small team working hard on the parts we contribute but we are also part of a larger team building some extraordinary cars.  There's a real feeling of family within the company and it's very satisfying when you pull together to build something fantastic, or meet an important deadline. 

Perhaps the greatest satisfaction is when you see just how much others appreciate what we do here at Koenigsegg.  It might be a customer visiting the factory, or someone seeing their first Koenigsegg at a car show.  The look of wonder in their eyes is very nice to see.  It's a great reminder of exactly how rare and special craftsmanship like this really is.

On a personal level, I love it when there's a finished car coming off the line and I can see parts that I've made with my own two hands sitting on that car.  Knowing that the work you do is of such a high level is very satisfying.